Water Conservation

Water Conservation: As we all know that water gives life on the earth to us and all other creatures. It is very important to continue life on the earth. Without water, life on any place can not be imagined.

The Earth is the only planet in the universe where water and life exist till today’s date. Therefore, we should not ignore the importance of water in our life and we should try our best to save water through the use of all possible mediums. Earth is surrounded by approximately 71% of water, however, there is very less water to drink. The natural cycle of balancing the water automatically runs like rain and evaporation.

However, the problem on the earth is to protect water and make it worth drinking, which is available in very small amounts. The Water conservation is possible by people’s good habit.

It is absolutely clear for all that water is very important for the survival of life on earth. Water is required for all related to living life. We are surrounded by water on the four sides of earth (about 3/4 of the earth), despite this we are facing water problems in India as well as other countries of the world.

Because 97% of the total water in the ocean is salted water, which is not good for human use. Only 3% of the entire water on earth is good for use (in which 70% ice layer and glacier and 1% water is available as drinking water).

Therefore, we should understand the importance of clean water on earth and we should try our best to save it rather than waste the water. We must protect our clean water from being wasted and polluted by industrial wastes, sewage, hazardous chemicals, dirt etc.

The reason for water shortage and water pollution is always increasing population and rapidly growing industrialization and urbanization. Due to lack of clean water, in the near future, people can not fulfill their basic needs and they have to survive hard. In some parts of India (such as Rajasthan and some parts of Gujarat), women and girls spend long distances for clean water.

According to recent studies, it was found that about 25% of the urban population does not have good access to clean water. By making the purpose of Save water, save lives and save the world, we need to come together and deal with the lack of clean water through the most appropriate methods.

Why should we save water?

To know the answer of why we should save water, first we should know the importance of water i.e. how precious is water for our lives. Without oxygen, water and food life is impossible.

According to data, it has been assessed that less than 1% of the water is worth drinking on earth. If we get the full ratio of drinking water and population of the world, it will be, every day more than of one billion people live on the world in 1 gallon of water. It has also been assessed that more than 3 billion people will be struggling because of water shortage by 2025.

Water Conservation

People have now started to understand the importance of clean water, but even they are not completely trying to save water. Saving water is a good habit, and every one should do its best to conserve water and continue life on earth.

A few years ago, no one would sell water at store, though the time has changed so much and now we can see that the bottle of pure water is being sold in everywhere. In the past, the first people were surprised to see the water sold in the shops, however, now, they are ready to give 20 rupees per bottle for their good health.

We can clearly realize that there will be a shortage of clean water all over the world in the future. Below, here given some facts that will tell you that how clean water has become so valuable to us today.

  • People who die due to water borne diseases are more than 4 million.
  • Most of the developing countries suffer from diseases caused by clean water and dirty water.
  • About 300 liters of the water is spent in preparing one-day newspapers, so the distribution of news channels should be encouraged.
  • Due to diseases caused by water, one child dies in every 15 seconds.
  • People around the world have started buying water bottles, which cost $ 60 to $ 80 billion per year.
  • People from rural areas of India, Africa and Asia have to decide for long distance to get clean water.
  • People are suffering due to water borne diseases in India.

Ways for water conservation

  • People should only water in their garden when they need it.
  • Instead of giving water to the pipe, it would be better to give a shower, which will save many gallons of water.
  • To save water, it is a good way to put drought-resistant plant.
  • To save the leakage of water, pipelines and tubes should be connected properly, which protects about 30 gallons of water per day.
  • To wash the car, use bucket and mug instead of a pipe, which can save water.
  • Make a blocker for the speed of shower, which will save your water.
  • Use fully loaded washing machine and dishes machine, which can save about 300 to 700 gallons of water per month.
  • To save more water daily, use less water during defecation.
  • We should wash fruits and vegetables in open water vessels instead of tap water.
  • The accumulation of rain water is a good solution for defecation, watering the gardens etc., which can be saved for drinking purpose and cooking.
Water Conservation

Some general methods for water conservation:

  • Everyone should understand their own responsibility and avoid using extra water as well as cooking water.
  • If all of us will start saving water to the garden, by pouring water into the toilet, cleaning it etc., saving more water per possible will be possible.
  • We should save the rain water for defecation, laundry, and water for the purpose of drinking.
  • We should collect rain water and use it for various purposes.
  • Use buckets and mugs instead of bathing in the shower, which will save more liters of water per year.
  • We should stop our tap after every use properly, which will save 250 -300 liters of water every month.
  • Due to the excessive use of water during festival, it should be encouraged to use in limits.
  • To save ourselves from water wastage, we should be aware of the news of people struggling daily for each drop of water for their living.
  • To spread awareness, we should promote programs and events related to water conservation.
  • Do not let more water in the cooler waste during the summer season, only use the required amount.
  • We should not destroy the pipe by putting water on the lawn, house or garden.
  • Promote planting in rainy season so that plants get natural water.
  • We should make a habit of washing our hands, fruits, vegetables etc with water instead of open tap.
  • We should promote planting which is drought tolerable.
  • We should encourage family members, children, friends, neighbors and co-workers to adopt this process and ways by the end to get positive results.


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