Sources of Water

Sources of Water: Water is the important resources for the survival of life. About 70% of the Earth surface covered with water out of which 97% of the water is salt water and only 3% of water is fresh.

Sources of Water

Water is found in Glacier and polar ice caps and the remaining fresh water is found mainly in groundwater.

There are mainly two sources of water :-

1. Surface Water

2. Groundwater

1. Surface Water

It is the water on the surface of the earth such as the rivers, lakes, ocean etc. Surface water can be contrasted with atmospheric water and ground water.

Surface water is the water that collects on the earth’s surface.

2. Ground water

Ground water is the water that is found under the ground like in soil, rocks, sand etc.

Ground water is mainly used for drinking because it is very clear and contamination free.

The other use of groundwater is to irrigate the plants and crops in agriculture. Ground water supply is refill or recharged by the rain and snow melt.

• River or Steams

River and streams are the important sources of water, the river’s water is mainly used for irrigation purpose.

It will also need to be treated to be safe for drinking. River water can absorb minerals of it runs a way through rich mineral rocks.

Sources of water

The source of water from where the flow of water starts is called Head and the end point if river where river falls down into the sea is call Mouth.

• Lakes

Lakes are the surface water source, it is the source of fresh water which is used for the irrigation purpose in the agriculture.

Lakes are replenished by rain and by river and steams.

Sources of water

There are two types of lakes, one is natural lakes which is formed in valleys in hilly it mountain areas and other one is artificial lakes which is formed by man for some purpose.

Lakes have been provided drinking and washing water to humans.

• Seas/Ocean

Ocean is the largest source of water but the sea water is salty and it can not be used for drinking. Ocean is the hoke if many weird we’d other creatures.

The sea is essential on earth for biodiversity. Sea water can be used for drinking only if it is first treated in a desalination plant. Desalination is the process of removing salt from the sea water but it is not an efficient way to get drinking water.

Sources of water

Ocean is the major component of earth’s hydrosphere. It is used for transportation from one place to another place.

Ocean water is not generally used for drinking because the concentration of salt in ocean is very high but it is mined for minerals such as salt, sand, gravel and some other elements. It is also drilled for crude oil.

• Rain Water

Rain water is also a “sources of water” in the earth. It fall naturally over all of the earth but deserr us the place where it rain in a very less amount and there is always the scarcity of water.

Rainwater is very essential for the agriculture and it is safe for drinking. In the city area, pollutants found in industry, vehicle but rainwater cab contaminated by those pollutant.

Sources of water

Hydological cycle or water cycle only a very important role in the rainwater. Rainwater is an abundant source of water for watering in the agriculture field, and rainwater also play an instrument role in cleaning the environment dust.

There are some difficult time in such areas where water is shortage but there is harvesting system from which we can save the water and store them for the difficulty time.

Some people use the rainwater as drinking water, they collect the rainwater and sterilize by boiling it or by mixing with sterilizing tablet so that they can use the rainwater for drinking purpose.

• Well

Water of well are very fresh and clean. Wells have been a sources of water for many years. Water of well are uncontaminated and clear because it is found in the underground and water of underground is filtered through various layer of soil and rocks.

Sources of water

Man made wells are deep shafts dug into the earth until water is found. The water of well is drown by the using of container such as bucket or by pumps that are raised up mechanically it by hand.

There are so many types of well like dug well, driven well, drilled well. These wells are created by digging, driving, boring or drilling in the ground.

• Reservoir

It is similar to artificial lakes created by humans to collect rainwater or river water. The river of reservoir is well treated in a water treatment plant to make it safe for drinking. After the treatment it piped off to people’s home for use in the form of tap water.

Sources of water

The main purpose of creating a reservoir is to store water. Reservoir can be created by controlling rivers or existing water bodies. Water in the reservoir may be lost by evaporation or by seepage into the surrounding soil or rocks.

• Glacier Water

Himalayas, which is also known “the roof of the world”. It contain greatest areas of glacier from which rivers started.

Sources of water

There are ten of Asia’s largest rivers flow from Himalaya’s glacier. So glacier is also a great sources of water in the mountains and cold areas.

Glacier is the dense body of ice. It is made up of snow which is fallen over many years.


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