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Agricultural marketing in India

Agricultural marketing in India

Agricultural marketing in India till mid 1960s was almost in full control of private sector. Public intervention was minimal except in the emergency situation and...
Farm Management

Farm Management

Farm Management:  It deals with the organization and operation of farms to maximize profits from the farm business every year, to keep abreast of changes...
sericulture in India

Sericulture in India

Sericulture in India: India is known for the rich fauna of the sericigenous insects supported by a variety of food-plant wealth. The Aryans discovered...
intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights in india

Intellectual property rights in India: IPR are legal rights that exclude third parties for certain duration of time from exploiting the protected subject matter...

Complete information about transgenics

Transgenics: Transgenic plants, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), living modified organisms (LMOs) and Genetically Engineered Organisms (GEOs) are synonyms and represent products of the process...

Full information about genomics

Genomics: In recent years, it has emerged as a sub-specialization in biology. It deals with the study of genomes of biological entities. Genome of...
Plant tissue culture

Plant tissue culture – Agriculture Notes

Plant tissue culture:It can be defined as a culture of cell, tissue, organ or whole plant in medium under aseptic and controlled conditions. The...
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Rural Marketing

Rural Marketing

Jhum cultivation

Jhum Cultivation

Sources of water

Sources of Water

Natural resources of India

Natural Resources of India