Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP)

Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP) was launched in all the blocks of the country 2 October 1980. It aims at the extending of benefits of development to the poorest of the poor.


The main purpose of the programme is to identify rural poor families living below the poverty line to increase their income.

Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP)

In IRDP, benefits are given by government in the form of subsidy. And credit is developed by financial institutions like commercial banks, co-operative and regional rural banks to generate income in the primary, secondary and tertiary sector of the rural economy .

Objectives of IRDP 

There are mainly 5 objectives to launch the scheme-

1. Employment opportunities

To increase the employment opportunities amoung smaller farmers, marginal farmers, agricultural labourer, scheduled caste and scheduled tribe families.

2. Agriculture production

To increase the production of agriculture and related activities in the rural areas .

3. Rural industries

Development of dairying, poultry, piggery and animal husbandry in rural industries.

4. Local facilities

To provide the local facilities like electricity, road, school, clinic and drinking water etc.

5. Agriculture equipment

Improving the agricultural equipment tools and transfer into science and technology.

Selection of Beneficiaries

This programme include many of peoples categories like marginal farmers, agricultural labourer, rural families belonging to scheduled castes and tribes whose family income is below from 6,400 Rs.

==> 50% is reserved for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

==> For small farmer, marginal farmers and agriculture labourer,  reserved are placed 25%, 33% and 33% respectively.

==> 40% is reserved for women and 3% is for physically disabled persons.

Selection of Beneficiary Peoples or families

1.) poor families list should be prepared by local village workers.

2.) The prepared list should be approved in gramasabha, which is also called village assembly.

3.) The assembly should be approved by bank officers, block officers, mukhiya and it must be finally approved by Block Development Officer (BDO).

4.) The final list are displayed on the notice board of the village panchayat. And it is prepared by the project director, DRDA with the consent of BDO.

Funding for IRDP

Until 1979-1980, the programme was totally sponsored by central government.

Since 1980, it is implemented in all the blocks of the country as a centrally sponsored scheme funded on 50:50 basis by the centre and the states government.

Integrated Programmes with IRDP

1.) SFDA: Small Farmers Development Agency

2.) DPAP: Drought Prone Area Programme

3.) ITDA: Integrated Tribal Development Agency

4.) NREP: National Rural Employment Programme

5.) MNP: Minimum Need Programme.

The Indian government has introduced a new scheme which is called swarnajayant gram swarozgar yojana (SGSY) in all states in place of IRDP.

And the sub-programme of IRDP such as SFDA, DPAP, GKY and NREP were merged into a single name which is named as SGSY.


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