Importance of Water

Water is very important in us. Nothing is possible without water, we can’t survive without water. The human life can not be imagined without water. Water is found on the earth, that is why it is called a unique planet. Due to water, today human race has evolved on the Earth. Water is necessary for every human, animal, and plants.

If water from the earth is finished then no living organism will survive because all creatures need water. It is a matter of concern that the people has put the water found on the earth in trouble through his business activities.

Oceans are found on 71% of the earth, which contain salt water, but it is not suitable for drinking. Potable water is called pure water or sweet water.

Water is with us in every moment. Our life is based on the water. Test particles present in the particles Water is life in human beings, animals, plants, roots, and air. The world is running because of the water.

We are aware that we need water every moment, and scholars and scientists are reflecting on it with a finer and foresight. Most of us are creating big loss situations without considering the importance of water.

In India, 85 percent of water is used for agriculture, 10 percent for industry and 05 percent for domestic use. According to the studies, Chennai and Delhi will be the worst case scenario of availability of water in 27 Asian cities with a population of more than 10 million. In this list, Mumbai is in second place and Kolkata is in the fourth place.

Importance of water for human life

Water is very important for humans being. A man without food can live for 7 to 8 days but he will die in 3 days without the water. We all feel thirsty and need water to quench thirst.

Importance of water

One person should take 3 to 4 liters of water per day to stay healthy. If you will not get water when you feel thirsty, you feel very uneasy. It shows the importance of water.

Water is the life for humans. We should conserve water because water from the earth is rapidly getting low. Human’s activities have put the water in danger today. Pollution is being spread by large industries.

Chemical wastes are being spread in rivers and lakes, which are contaminated by water. We have to take strong steps to stop this water pollution from chemicals.

The importance of water to stay healthy

Water is found to be 70 to 80% in human body. There is about 7% water in the blood. To stay healthy, we must take clean water. Drinking contaminated water causes diseases such as jaundice, gas, infectious diseases, smallpox, dysentery and diarrhea. In the disease of diarrhea, the amount of water quantity in the body decreases. Therefore, the ORS solution should be given to the patient.

Bleaching powder, alum is inserted in the water to clean the water. If water is contaminated then it should boil, so that all the if water bacteria die. Drinking water should be cleaned to drink.

Importance for Tree Plants

Like humans, tree plants also require water to survive. Plants take water molecules from their roots and all branches carry water to the leaves. Water is collected in the tree stem. No tree without water is developed. When the water is not received, all the trees are withered and soon dry up and can not survive.

Importance of water

All the fruits we eat, are obtained from plants. All the trees without water will dry up and no crops will grow.

Basic grains like wheat, maize, rice are cultivated only through water. If water from the earth disappears then no crops will be able to grow and man will die from hunger.

Importance for animals

Like humans, animal, birds and other creatures on the earth also feel thirsty. Cow, Buffalo, Goat, Sheep, Lion, elephant, bears, birds and other creatures also drink water. This is such a thing without which no one can survive on the earth. There are only rare creatures who consume water at the same time, but most of the animal, birds and creatures use water.

The root found in the desert is called “ship of desert” because it gets water for 50 liters at one go and accumulates in its body and can survive without water for several days.

Clean water is not easily accessible to millions of population in India, which is the highest population of people who are deprived of clean water in countries of the entire world. Not only this, experts have feared this disaster to be more serious, as 75 percent of ground water has been exploited in India. That means that we have used more water than filling capacity.

The largest source of clean water are small rivers and streams have dried, while the big rivers are battling pollution because of industries. Despite all this, we can save only 13 percent of the total rain.

According to the report of last several years, 6 percent of the total population of India (75,777,997 persons) is deprived of clean water. The report says that underground water supplies 83 percent of the total drinking water, but 55 percent of the country’s surface has dropped below the ground level.

Until we understand the importance of water, the rivers are not part of the campaign to keep the rivers clean, no government can keep the rivers clean.

Thousands of crores of rupees were spent under the Ganga cleaning scheme, but till now the result is not as expected. Even though government policies have been faulty, the common people is not even less guilty for it. Indeed, in ancient times, the parents, children, and rivers used to have good memories of their goodwill.

They taught their children to save rivers, trees and the entire nature on earth. They knew very well that these rivers, streams, wells, ponds are the lifeline for us.

Without them life would not be possible, that is why people could not even think of dirty source of water. That rites have become extinct from our society today. So we should understand the importance of water for our life and conserve it.

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