Importance of Natural Resources

Importance of Natural Resources: Natural Resources are very important for the development of our country. All the living things are dependent on natural resources directly or indirectly. Without the natural resources the living things cannot survive.

There are different type of natural resources from which living things are getting benefit like Timber, wood etc from the forest resources, irrigation water, drinking water from water resources, minerals for the industry development.

Other resources like solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy play a very important role in our daily life. Fossil fuels such as Natural Gas, Coal, Petroleum are the resources which is used in day to day life.

Importance of Natural Resources

Natural resources play a very important role in every sector of the national economy like in industry, agriculture, transport, commercial and domestic needs.

Natural resources also play a vital role in the economic development by increasing agriculture trade which is imported and exported to the other countries, this type of products the available in our country also attract the foreign investors.

Natural resources is very important so that environment will be in balance. If we continuesly misuse or over use the natural resources like water, fuel, minerals, soil etc, it can affect the environment and all living things.

All the things we need in our daily life that such as food, water, air, fuel comes from natural resources.
Natural resources provide every daily needs of human like shelter, food, clothes etc.

Importance of Natural Resources

There are lots of importance of Natural Resources, such as It help to the boosting up of the economy from farm product like rubber, lac, coal which can be exported to other country, this type of products that available in our country also attract the foreign investor.

Without natural resources living things could not survive, power plants are the important part of human day to day life but it use natural resources to generate power. Power plants run on coal and we also know that coal is a natural resources.

Minerals are natural resources that are very Importance of Natural Resources, but minerals are non-renewable resource and are running out.

There are so many different type of natural resources and theirs importance :-

Forest Resources

Forest is the important natural resources which helps in the economic development. In India about 21 % of land comes under forest.

Forest provide a large number of row material like paper, furniture, rayon, matchbox, timber, etc. Forest are also the richest source for the valuable plants like medicine, spices, bamboo, gum, lac etc.

Forest play a very important role in balancing the ecosystem and environment from soil erosion to Wildlife protection, industrial row material, water sheds, balance the nature.

Water Resources

A vital natural resources is very essential for multi-purpose like drinking, agriculture irrigation, power generation, transportation, industrial use, household use. All the living things needed water to survive. Water is needed for life to exist.

Land Resources

Land resources is important because human being lives here. Land resources support natural vegetation, wildlife, transport. Our basic needs like food, cloth, shelter obtained from the land.

About 43% of the land used for agriculture and we know how much agriculture product is important for us. Our daily need like grain, cereal, pulses etc obtained from agriculture.

Mineral Resources

Rocks: Rocks are used to build house, bridge and other structure. A very important building material is concrete which is made from cement and cement is made from the sedimentary rock which called limestone.

Glass and other ceramics are also made from Rocks by treating them with heat. Rocks have been used as tools and weapons from the very long time.

Rocks are composed of one or more mixture of minerals in any proportion. Rocks are forms from the minerals like quartz, feldspar and Mica.

All the natural resources used by human including fuel, metal, Minerals are ultimately comes from the Earth.

Rocks and Minerals necessary for life. Rocks and Minerals support all living things and are the source of soil in which the plant grow properly.
Our Earth has a wide range of natural resources that are essential for daily life.

Over the year, we have increasing relied on natural resources. It is very “importance of natural resources” to conserve, we should reduce the wastage in our daily life, reuse everything which it possible to use and protect the forest and other natural resources which is non renewable we should save water gas and electricity.

In a report, it is estimated that oil reserves of the world will be run out in the next 56-60 years, so it very important that these natural resources like coal, petroleum, should be conserved in order to survive.

Coal: The earth crust contain large deposit of coal. Coal is very important natural resources that is used in day to day life. coal is used in houses, industries in many ways.

Coals are used for cooking food, in blast furnance of making Steel, in railways engine to produce steam and so many other purposes like generating electricity.

We should also know that coal’s by-product are used in making fertilizer, medicines, synthetic fibre etc.

Coal is a non-renewable resources which means it cannot be used again and again. It can be used only one time and it also cannot be replaced and cannot be produced, re-grown or regenerated. So it is very important to conserve it and used it in a very sustainable manner.

Coal is important as electricity. It is available in abundance, it is cheap and easy to transport and store.

Petroleum: Petroleum is also called Rock oil. It takes thousand of years for oil to form. The remains of creature that existed millions of years ago change chemically and it become compressed into sedimentary rocks.

Once the location of oil found, digging begins and pumps are used to extract both oil and gas into reservior.

Petroleum is used in many ways like it is used as fuel for motor,car, scooter, bikes and aeroplane. Petroleum is also distilled into Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) which is commonly used for cooking food.


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