Importance of Forest

Importance of Forest

A forest is a large area surrounded by trees. Forest are the Terrestrial ecosystem of earth and distributed around the earth.

Forest contain 75% of the gross primary productivity of the earth’s biosphere. Forest cover one third of all land on earth, forests provide vital organic infrastructure for some of the planet’s.

Importance of Forest

It is the most diverse collection of life. Forest help millions of species and human beings to survive.

1. Help us Breathe

Forest provides oxygen as we need oxygen to live and they absorb carbon dioxide we emits. A single leafy tree can produce a days supply of oxygen for 2 to 10 peoples.

Other phytoplanktons also produce oxygen on earth bur forest are still the key source of oxygen. Without forest there is no way to get oxygen so we should not cut tge trees but plant the more trees.

2. Forest is more than just trees

About 80% of biodiversity on earth that lives in the forest. These species is especially rich in tropical rainforest from rear parrots to endangered apes.

Importance of Forest

Worms work nutrients into soil. Bees and birds spread pollen from one place to another place.

3. They make it Rain

Largest forest can affect the regional weather system even forest creates their own microclimates.

Importance of Forest

The Amazon forest, this is the largest forest in the world and it generate atmospheric condition that not only promote regular rainfall but potentially as far away as the great plains.

4. Source of Medicine

Importance of forest in the source of medicine, Forests provide a high range of natural medicine and increasingly inspire synthetic spin off. For example cocao trees is the source of medicine for asthma and cocao trees is converted into theophylline.

Importance of Forest
Purple Medicinal Plant in Forest

All types of natural medicine can be found in the forest which is very effective, around 70% of all known plants comes with cancer fighting properties from the forest.

5. They block wind

Agriculture near the forest has very benefit like songbirds and bats that eats insects or owls and foxes that eat rats other than that the group of trees can also block the unnecessary wind and proves buffer from wind sensitive crops.

Importance of Forest

From this agriculture have high productivity and farmers can take advantage of forest.

6. Cleanup dirty soil

Forest’s trees helps the soil to keep in a place. Forest may use phytoremediation to clean certain pollutants, because of holding the soil in one place there is less chance to soil transfer from one place to another place and it also reduce the chance of soil erosion.importance of Forest

The microorganism can make the soil more fertile and dirty free if soil holds in single place.

7. They cool the Earth

Plants and Trees also have the way to beat the heat. They absorb carbon dioxide. Trees needs carbon dioxide for photosynthesis but air is now so thick with extra emissions that forest fight with global warming.

Importance of Forest

Because it control the climate, temperature and humidity so we can say that forest cool the earth provide fresh air. It is the bes features as well as importance of forest in our earth ecosystem.

8. Provide fresh Air

We also plant some plants and trees near the house for purifying the air but forest is the group of infinite plants and trees, they can clean a pollutant air and provides a fresh air which very important to live.

Importance of Forest

Trees and Plants soaks in a wide range of airborne pollutant including carbon dioxide, Sulphur dioxide and Nitrogen dioxide and provide us fresh air.

9. They create Job

Forest create job, people rely on forest to some extent for their livelihood. There are so many people who are directly employed in forest management or in conservation.

Importance of Forest

Forest provides about 1-2% Global Gross Domestic Product through timber or non timber products. They support on of the population in many developing countries.

10. Watershed

forest serves as a watershed, this is just because almost all water comes from rivers and lakes and from forests derive watertable. Some rivers like Amazon running through forest and it kept cool and from drying out.Importance of Forest

11. Wildlife Habitat

Forest is the home of wildlife. More than millions of animals and other species lives in forest there are so many types of reptile (snake, lizard), wild animals, insects, birds and others creatures lives in the forest.Importance of Forest

12. Economic Benefit

Forest have the economic importance like forests provide us with timber, wood which is exported and used in all of the countries.

Importance of Forest

13. Control the climate

Forest control the climate’s temperature, humidity, rainfall and atmospheric purification. Forest play important role in balancing the climate.

Importance of Forest

Soil and Trees helps to regulate temperature and process which is called evapotranspiration. They help to stabilize the earth climate, in addition forest absorb the bad gases and producing oxygen.

14. Control Moisture 

Forest also play a vital role in the water cycle and it also control moisture level of the ecosystem.

Importance of Forest

15. Control soil erosion

Last ‘Importance of Forest‘ is that to control the soil erosion. Soil erosion is the major problem in the agriculture it badly affect the agriculture production and it’s also remove the fertility from the soil. Forest and the group of trees hold the soil in one place and there is less chance of the soil erosion.

Importance of Forest


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