A golden opportunity for farmers to make extra money through the gobar dhan scheme

In the last budget of modi government, presented on 1 January 2017, the finance minister Arun Jaitley said about the development of the poor farmers of the village. A budget of Rs. 14 lakh crore has been introduced for rural development to build a new house, to provide electricity, to pay a good price for for crop, to give maximum loan on low interest, to make agricultural markets, to provide medical facilities, to give free gas connection, to start gobar dhan scheme etc.

Gobar dhan scheme 2018

A new scheme has been announced, which is “Galvanizing organic bio-agro resources dhan (gobar dhan) scheme“. This scheme can make a golden opportunity to generate extra income. But the budget has not been confirmed for starting the scheme. Hopefully the government will start it soon.

Gobar dhan scheme

The main objective of the gobar dhan scheme

To learn the farmers to manage cattle dung and solid waste in their farms

Under this scheme, dung and solid waste materials will be used for making fertilizer. For the purpose of generating energy, bio-gas and bio-cng will be produced. And waste material will be used for agricultural purpose.

Improving the living conditions of rural people

To improve the living conditions by providing medical, electrical facilities and to promote open defecation. The benefit will be directly goes to the poor peoples.

Opportunity for farmers to generate extra money

According to this scheme, farmers can use their waste material .i.e. the farmers can sell their dung at the prices set by the government.

Emphasizing to make compost fertilizer

To make financially strong, the government will train farmers to make fertilizer. So that crops can be grown in a better way at low cost. And farmers will be able to improve their agricultural system.

Conclusion: This scheme, announced by government, is very important for the development of villages and farmers. And country will be strong. Hopefully, this scheme can be started by the government in 2018.

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