Energy conservation

Energy conservation means the use of relatively less energy for the level of similar activities.

Modern era is the era of science. Man is moving fast on the path of development, he has collected all the means of pleasure for himself over time. After so much, there is no shortage of desire to get more and more, but has increased more than ever before.

Over time, his tendency of dissatisfaction is increasing. Tomorrow, factories, motor vehicles, trains, airplanes, etc. are all his gifts of this trend. With this expansion, the risk of ending resources is increasing day by day.

Resources are limited in nature. In other words, the energy available in nature is also limited. With increasing population of the world, requirements are also increasing. In the number of motor vehicles on the roads day by day, incomparable wisdom is happening. The number of trains or airplanes is increasing. Human dependence on machines is gradually increasing.

All these machines require energy to operate. But by the speed at which the energy requirement is increasing, the fear of destruction of all resources of energy has started increasing. Especially for all those instruments of energy which can not be rebuilt. For example gasoline, diesel, coal and cooking gas etc.

The hypothesis of the world without resources like petrol or diesel also appears to be cumbersome. But the reality is that seeing the speed at which we are using these resources, that day is not far when our resources of the Earth will disappear from the earth.

Therefore, it is necessary that we pay special attention to energy conservation or develop other resources for its replacement because if we are not successful in our efforts during the time, then entire human civilization can be in danger.

In our country, the need for energy is increasing day by day with growth and population growth. The increasing demand for energy will be three or four times more than in the coming years. In these circumstances, there is a need to take concrete steps from the Government of India.

There have been several attempts in many ways in this direction, which has gained some extent to success. ‘Bio-gas’ and more tree production etc. are the steps taken in this direction. There is no shortage of energy resources on earth that are pollution free.

The importance of developing new sources of energy conservation and energy around the world is being understood. All countries are giving high importance to solar energy and research is being carried out by scientists around the world to make it more useful and for its development. As far as India’s situation, a large part of petroleum energy is imported into our country’s Gulf oil producing countries.

Sometimes crude oil in the international market becomes so expensive that it is not under the control of Indian oil companies. Then the government either compensates for this loss by increasing the oil prices or raises the deficit by giving oil firms discounts in customs etc. In both cases the burden is only on the consumers of the country.

We need energy to educate various tasks. As the pace of urbanization and industrialization has increased significantly. Hence the demand for energy resources is also increasing, and it is using various types of fuel items to achieve human energy.

There are many sources of energy recovery, such as coal, petroleum, solar energy, molecular energy and natural gas. The domestic use of energy derived from these sources is brought to industries and agricultural areas.

Presently about 40 percent of India’s energy is met by burning wood, agricultural effluents, animal power. The remaining 60 percent of the energy required is industrial energy, out of which approximately 30 percent is complete with electricity.

Energy is produced in the form of thermal energy and molecular energy. Almost 45 percent of the energy in the world is 40 percent from coal, from natural gas, about 15 percent, hydropower, thermal power and molecular power.

Importance of energy in our lives

In our life, energy plays a very important role by making life comfortable, by increasing productivity and by giving us the way we want to live. From the dawn of human civilization, we have used wood, water, fossil fuels etc. in the heating and working of machines. For almost all kinds of activities, we depend on some form of energy.

The energy used by a community is an indicator of its economic growth and development. In the absence of energy, our body will not be able to accomplish basic functions such as respiration, circulation or digestion. Similarly, plants will not be able to convert carbon dioxide, water and minerals into sunlight. Almost all machines making production and other components will not be able to work without source of energy.

All the things we see around us, the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the houses we live in, the paper on which we write, the vehicles we run, all these are final from any natural resource energy is required for the manufacture or conversion of the product.

Nowadays electrical power has become so important that almost all areas of life require electricity. For example, electricity is required to run electrical appliances that work on our homes and workplaces. All the factories and industries are running due to electrical energy.

Different forms of energy

In our daily life, we use different forms of energy, such as thermal energy, light energy, mechanical energy, electrical energy, chemical energy and sound energy. The most common forms of energy are thermal, light and electrical energy. We use all these forms in various works.

With the help of specific types of instruments and processes, we can convert one form of energy to another in accordance with our requirement. We get energy from various sources for daily use. We will learn in detail about the different forms of energy in other lessons.

Why energy conservation ?

After all, every kind of energy is readily accessible to every moment. We have to conserve the energy for many reasons.

Increasing population, expansion, traffic on the roads and automation of home, office and field are increasing the energy usage. You may have seen yourself increasingly demanding energy from the growing population.

Home also needs more to stay for the growing population. With this, the speed of cutting of trees is also increasing so that wood can be obtained for making furniture and house. More people will also need more coal, kerosene and gas to cook food for more people.

Today more people need more power to light their home. To run their coolers and geysers, they need electricity to run whipping machines and computers, which results in more power consumption and more power cuts.

What steps would you take to bridge the gap between energy demand and supply?

Increasing supply
Decreasing demand

Since the supply of energy is limited, we have an option, i.e. reducing the demand for energy. How can we do this?

Energy Conservation Measures

It is said that saving energy is equivalent to producing energy. Therefore, we only need to use sources of energy not only in prudent ways, but also save energy as much as we can to save. You can start energy conservation right from your home. Below are some important tips for saving energy –

If not in use, turn off the fan, light and other electrical appliances. Do not leave water tap open.

Energy conservation

Cover the utensil while cooking the rice, pulses etc. and use only the amount of water required for cooking. If you keep the pulses soaked in water for some time before cooking, then they will need less energy to cook.

Another way of saving energy is to use more efficient tools. For example, instead of using bulb or tube light, the use of LED or CFL provides more efficiency and gives more light of the tube’s light compared to the bulb. Even in some countries, the circulation of the bulb is becoming more and less. Good stove combust combustion efficiently and provide more heat for combustion per unit fuel. Fueling vehicles should be used and proper maintenance of their engines should be done.

These are just some of the habits for energy conservation that can save a lot of energy. Where energy can be saved we should find ways to save it. For example, if you have to go to some place nearby you can go bicycle or on foot instead of using the vehicle. You can also use public transportation in place of your vehicle to save fuel. Instead of going to the office alone you can take your colleagues together.


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