Dairy Farming

Dairy farming is the most common business in India, in order to maximize production of milk, farmers manage cows and buffaloes for production of milk, whether the production is at a small level or at a large level.

In this business, there are certain responsibilities such as monitoring the health of animals, proper medicines, proper feeding, proper use of milk giving equipment, waste management, although it is easier to start than other businesses. Some milk producers distribute them by milk production, though some of them supply milk to companies for the process of dairy.

Dairy farming

Dairy is the easiest business to start a business though it requires some specialized knowledge and it requires the use of some techniques to make a big business. Some educated people do it with the full plan by taking a degree in Dairy Science, Agriculture and other related fields.

To become a successful dairy product, one needs to have a good experience in this field. The responsibilities of a milk producer vary according to the size and function of the dairy business. Small milk producers require large efforts and they grow slowly, while big producers need more capital but its tendency is to increase the economy of the individual and the country.

In relation to the importance of dairy farming and the problem of dairy farming, the following are some facts:
  • Dairy farming is traditional business, so no one has to worry about milk and other dairy producers (milk producers) because they can be easily sold at any place. Market of dairy producers is active all year round.
  • It is an environmentally friendly business, which never polluted the atmosphere.
  • There is no need for high level of skill for this business and can be easily established at small levels in the family from low capital.
  • This unemployed brings great opportunity to do business for educated and illiterate youth. If this business is done with proper planning and management it gives maximum output.
  • It is the most suitable business to produce according to India’s weather and environment.

Anyone can take advantage of government schemes for dairy farming and can also apply for loan for NABARD.

Expansion of dairy farming

Dairy farming is a big practice and it is emerging as a global economic power. India’s economy has grown 8-9% in the last two years. The dairy sector is one of the largest industrial areas of India, because it partnered with India’s economy at large scale.

It is a business area, which provides profitable employment to many uneducated and educated unemployed people. This is the source of supplementary income of large traders. It can be started by any person by putting a small amount of money and acquiring a little knowledge of dairy.

It has made significant contribution to eradicating poverty in the rural areas as the families of the deprived persons received 75-85% income from milk producers during the drought. The country has created employment in large numbers in the country.

Dairy farming

This area can create more dairy entrepreneurs all over India, who can work for the welfare of the entire society through the creation of new jobs. The educated unemployed youth, in the absence of job in India, makes the largest group struggling with poverty to create better jobs by improving the Indian economy by creating new jobs. This will improve the use of non-conventional resources, such as solar energy, agriculture by products, rain water, organic manure etc. It is improving the demand of new technicians by creating new milk producers. It is contributing to the level of poverty, to fulfill the hungry hunger, to increase income and equality.

The economy of the country has increased through the export of milk products and animal exports. The development of advanced scientific techniques in the field of dairy farming has reduced the risks of emergence of diseases in animals and the reproductive policy. Thus, with the increase in population in future, the area of ​​milk production will increase.


Dairy farming is successful business. We need to prepare plans, effective strategies and prepare our brain accordingly only before starting the dairy farming. It is not a very expensive business and by anybody who knows about it well, it can be started by putting a small amount of money, though it is to make 100% successful, a person running in the crowd And there is no need to start your business with closed eyes.

A person who wants to start this business seriously, before starting a business, need to open his eyes, analyze the side-opposition, know everything in detail about this business and take adequate training as per need. it occurs. If we start the milk production with the right kind of strategy, then surely we will achieve big success in it.

There is currently a lot of technologies and technical support available, which can make our dairy business a successful business. It is a profitable and attractive business in India nowadays, which is operating mostly in the form of Indian farmers as well as commercial traders.

We have varieties of fully developed and effective ERP software, which can cooperate with production throughout the process. We have all the facilities to establish state of the state-of-the-art production plant. It’s a very long time and storage business, which does not give immediate results, although it gives solid results over time. This business requires a lot of patience, time and confidence.

Dairy farming

If you want to get an increase in this business, then you have to set the business benchmark and work accordingly. You can maintain the success of milk in this business by maintaining milk quality and by producing milk production business.

Milk production is a good opportunity for economic development, although it is necessary for someone to know the nature of its process and business to start this business. This is a business that provides multi-dimensional benefits through milk, curd, ghee, whey, butter, ice cream, milk producer, cow dung (electricity, bio-gas, high-quality organic fertilizer etc), self-animal etc. .

In order to start milk production, a lot of help is provided by the Government of India as a grant. Government of India has announced a grant of 20-25% (subsidy) for the work of milk production to encourage people in the country to use green energy.

Milk production can not be a profitable business, as long as we continue to reduce milk quality. Some milk producers are also suffering from loss due to lack of adequate diligence and negligence. Nature’s conditions are also responsible for the success and failure of this business, although at a very low level.

Its success and growth mainly depends on our extensive knowledge and experience on the following points:
  • Use human power effectively and instruct them in a positive way.
  • Reproduction, feeding, caring, transplanting of unhealthy animals with healthy animals and other normal arrangements in a healthy manner.
  • An efficient way of settling agricultural products.
  • Good business plan.
  • Great production and good business plan is required for dairy farming.
  • Failure / loss in milk production business
  • Good infrastructure and the cost of feeding feed to animals.
  • For the production of milk production, hard work, proper care, vigilance, and good management are required.
There are some points that lead the milk producer to failure and they have to face failure:
  • Inappropriate understanding of all growers, including business and even cattle dung.
  • Inappropriate breeding process and hopes of high milk production.
  • A lack of awareness among the farmers about government schemes.
Here are some points to look out for the Dairy farming:
  • Infrastructure
  • Animal species
  • Health and safety of animals
  • Cleanliness while milking
  • Animal feed and water system
  • Animal welfare and optimum environment
  • Employees skilled and knowledgeable
  • Effective control measures to protect animals from diseases

How to start dairy farming

To start dairy farming, you need to take care of a lot of things. This is not a very easy procedure because it requires a lot of attention and care. You need to follow some facts for this, some of them are as follows:

  • In the context of homes, breeding, feed feeding, number of animals, etc., the targets and objectives should be for the form.
  • Due to adequate analysis of commercial dairy farm and discussions with experienced people or form owners, expand knowledge and increase the secrets of success. To learn everything in detail, you should take adequate training in a nearby farm.
  • You should make all items related to cattle, care, health, fodder and water available in one place. According to the available capital, the business plan should be set.
  • Employees should be appointed, who are hard-working and trustworthy with practical experience. According to the price and milk products, it should go to the nearest market to ensure the distribution of regular milk.
  • To buy essential commodities with adequate value of products, there should be good relations with the consumers in the market. With the experience, books should be made to run a business plan and successfully run milk production in India.


People who start dairy farming should generally be aware of achieving success as a new milk producer or by facing all the challenges in the future.

Some of the common challenges that arise when starting dairy farming are as follows:

  • The dairy farming is business based on capital, labor and adequate management. It requires higher infrastructure costs and medical costs.
  • Without any strategy and planning, dairy farming has to face many problems. A small mistake and inappropriate care causes the various diseases of the cow and buffalo.
  • This requires the maintenance of high productive reproduction capacity.
  • Deep and comprehensive knowledge is required on all aspects of business.
  • Adverse weather and climate conditions affect large scale.
  • Marketing of milk or its products is also quite challenging.
  • It requires high skill and competitive diligence.
  • A small cow does not conceive at the time.
  • Maintaining quality and cleanliness of milk producers is very difficult.
  • It is very challenging to start this business in urban areas and cities, because its cost is very high.
  • It is very difficult to grow on a large scale.
  • Starting this business with the cow gives a margin of very little profit, because it takes time to start the maturing of cows and the production of milk.


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