Conservation of Natural Resources

Conservation of Natural Resources

Natural Resources:  The material on the earth like rocks, minerals, coal, petroleum, air, plants, water, animals etc are the natural resources.

These are gift of natural for human being. Natural resources are in different forms it may be solid, liquid or gas. It may be organic or inorganic, renewable or non-renewalbe, metallic or non-metallic.

Conservation of Natural ResourcesNatural resources is an important element of nature that has utility for all living things like human, plant, animal etc.

Conservation of Natural Resources

All the living things are depended on natural resources directly or indirectly, so “conservation of natural resources” is very important so that all living things can survive.

Conservation of natural resources is also very important so that environment will be in balance. If we continuesly misuse or over use the natural resources like water, fuel, minerals, soil etc, it can affect the environment and all living things.

All the things we need in our daily life that such as food, water, air, fuel comes from natural resources. Cutting of trees, water shortage, soil erosion, depletion of fuel are all in balancing the nature.

Conservation of Natural Resources‘ does not mean that is stop using them but it means that don’t misuse and try to manage them for their best use and proper use over time.

There are several ways to conserve the natural resources:-

1. Use of solar and wind energy

Because solar and wind energy is unlimited source of energy and from this we can produce power and use it again and again.

2. Reforestation

To prevent the soil erosion plant the trees. It is also save the nature and make balance in the environment.

3. Rain Harvesting

since water is very essential and very important for all living things to survive so conserve rain water instead of wasting it.

Harvesting is the very important way of water conservation. The harvesting is done during the rainy season and use it in the dry.

This harvested water can be used for irrigation purpose in agriculture, watering the lawns, Garden etc.

4. Stop Releasing Industrial Waste and sewage in the river or ocean

Releasing industrial Waste and sewage in river or ocean can pollute the waters which is very important natural resources. It is also harmful to the ecosystem.

Therefore industrial waste should be treated to prevent chemical and thermal pollution of the water.

5. Use of Biogas

LPG (liquified petroleum gas) is the most usable source of fuel so if we continuesly use the LPG, it result to the depletion of oil resources. Biogas is the alternative of LPG.

Biogas is produced from dung and other organic matter etc. So conservation of biogas in will be beneficial for the Environment and it can also reduce the pollution.

6. Use of Biofuel

From the very long period of times fossil fuel is the major sources of energy and if fossil fuel continuously using in today’s life but cause airpollution and it is depleting rapidly with ever use.

Biofuel is an alternative source of energy. It is mainly obtained from plant species. Biofuel also reduce the air pollution.

7. Purchase hybrid car instead of Convention car

Hybrid car, which use the combination of electricity and minimal amount of gas this car are a great deal in the conversation of fossil fuels. It will also reduce the air pollution

8. Crop Rotation

Planting different croos in the single field canincrease the soil fertility and also improve the soil property.

We also know that soil is an important natural resources because all the agricultural plants, trees are grow in soil so maintain its fertility is very important.

9. Stop Overgrazing

Overgrazing by cattle, buffalo, goats leave less plant cover on the Soil and it cause the soil dry and soil can be blown away.

So control on overgrazing is important to conserve the soil.

10. Use Renewable Resources

Since resources are limited like coal, petroleum etc. So we should use the renewable resources for powers generation and other energy requirement, from solar and winds.

11. Prevent Biodiversity

At last, conservation of natural resources is that every country should have 35 % of land dedicated to the forest for better environment. Deforestation is the cause of decrease in rainfall and it is the home of Wildlife with thriving biodiversity so planting the tree is suitable for proper rainfall, decrease the pollution and it will prevent the biodiversity.


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