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Gobar dhan scheme

A golden opportunity for farmers to make extra money through the gobar dhan scheme

In the last budget of modi government, presented on 1 January 2017, the finance minister Arun Jaitley said about the development of the poor...
Soil science

Soil Science

Soil science is an important branch of agriculture science which deals with the studies of different domains like soil physics and chemistry soil fertility and...
Agriculture business plan of neem cultivation

Agriculture business plan of neem cultivation for generate extra income

Agriculture business plan of neem cultivation: Neem is currently one of the most useful in all manner. A large number of medicinal, cosmetics, toiletries...
Soil erosion

Soil erosion, Types and Causes

Soil erosion is the wearing away of land surface by the action of natural agencies, such as water and wind. It involves separation of...
Extension Education

Extension Education – Concepts, objectives, principles, scope and importance – The Easy Way

Extension Education: The word extension is derived from the Latin roots 'ex' meaning out and 'tensio' (tension) meaning stretching. Stretching out is the meaning...


Importance of Forest

Importance of Forest

physical properties of soil

Physical properties of soil

Jhum cultivation

Jhum Cultivation