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Plant tissue culture

Plant tissue culture – Agriculture Notes

Plant tissue culture:It can be defined as a culture of cell, tissue, organ or whole plant in medium under aseptic and controlled conditions. The...

Do you want to get complete information about honeybee

Apiculture is the science and culture of honeybees and their management. It is a broad term which includes eusocial and solitary bees, their biology, behaviour...
Barley crop

Get complete knowledge about Barley Crop

Barley crop is an important cereal crop in the world with an annual production of around 136 million tonnes, ranking next to rice, maize...

Wheat – Origin, climate, soils, crop rotations, field preparation, varieties, cultivation, insect-pests-diseases and post-harvest...

Wheat is the second most important food crop of the country, which contributes nearly one-third of the total foodgrains production. This contribution has increased...
physical properties of soil

Physical properties of soil

Physical properties of soil: It includes texture, structure, density, porosity, consistency, temperature, colour, nutrient supplying ability and water holding capacity. The properties of soil depend...
Soil Profile

Soil Profile

The soil on the surface of earth is found in layers and that layers of the soil is arranges during the soil formation. This...
Gobar dhan scheme

A golden opportunity for farmers to make extra money through the gobar dhan scheme

In the last budget of modi government, presented on 1 January 2017, the finance minister Arun Jaitley said about the development of the poor...


Types of Entrepreneurs

Types of Entrepreneurs

Components of environment

Components of Environment

Water Conservation

Water Conservation