Agriculture business plan of neem cultivation

Neem is currently one of the most useful in all manner. A large number of medicinal, cosmetics, toiletries and pharmaceutical are now base on neem derivatives because of its unique properties.

The scope for neem cultivation is increasing day by day. This is emerging as a profit business in future. All of its parts has medicinal and antibacterial properties. In this time, neem has been using as a soil nutrients. Prime minister shree narendra modi’s stress on using the neem coated urea on the India land. This urea is excellent when compared to commercially available fertilizers.

Agriculture business plan of neem cultivation

It has been made compulsory for all the companies which imports, supply or produces of neem coated urea in the country. India farmers fertilizer cooperative limited (IFFCO) decided for special use of neem coated urea. The CEO of IFFCO Dr. Udai Shankar Awasthi has planned to planted 40 lakh neem in the duration of 2 years. IFFCO at its own level also has invested a lot in planting neem tree.

The Indian government and others companies are also encouraging the small industries and farmers for planting neem saplings. Plantation of neem tree can make better income opportunities. Because the demand of this plants for industries are very high for manufacturing neem powder, oil, insecticide, pesticide and soap etc.

We do not have enough neem. But the efforts to increase the number of neem plant is tremendous. Rural peoples often depend on forest for firewood and waste their time to collecting it. But the cultivation of neem can replace the forest resources.

Neem tree can be grown in any region of India. Because indian climate is favorable for its growth. The neem plant does not need extensive care for growing. The wasted part of neem such as seed and nimboli can be sold at a best prices of Rs. 16/kg.

Neem plant takes generally 9-10 years to give fruits, but a variety of neem is developed by scientists in dehradun. Which can be at least take 7 years for giving fruits and provide thickness tree. This variety of neem is being researched for 3 years and expect in 2018. As the variety of neem is successfully made, then it will be provided to farmers.

On an average, the market price of neem-wood is Rs. 500/cubic feet. If you sell 25 trees per month then you can earn 12,500/month easily. The other part of neem such as leaf, bark, fruits and seeds could be also sold in online market.

The main source of income for farmers should be rabi or kharif crop, but if you want to earn extra money, then you can cultivate neem plant on your empty ground. If you do not have a place then you can farming neem in the border of fields, which is also called bed. Once your tree is ready, you can sell easily all its parts in IFFCO or Indiamart.

At last, I would say that you have to be patient in the farming of neem. Because it takes less than five years to become a better tree.


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